Kauai Beach Resort

Visited in early July 2010 after having purchased the stay through Hotwire. This was completely accidental as we thought we would be staying at he Sheraton based on the Hotwire provided resort/hotel description and the location. We were however very pleasantly surprised by the purchase and even happier when we arrived at the resort.

Less than ten minutes by car from Lihue airport you might as well be hours away – there is no airport noise and only occasionally if you happen to be walking the beach at the right time of day and look up will you see a plane in the sky. The resort itself is down a tree lined road that opens to a modest, yet classic Hawaiian resort. Open air, expansive lawns, tropical flora and the addition of Kauai’s famous Moa strolling the grounds provide a sense of understated elegance – class without pretension.

As a family resort this is a great find: the four pools, water slide, multiple hot tubs and daily kids activities give you plenty to do on property. There is an accessible beach great for walking and wading, and as we discovered on our last day good for swimming early in the day when the surf is calm (walk the beach a few times and watch for where the locals swim – these are your spots, all to the left of the resort proper if you are facing the ocean).

The hotel is in a great location right in between Lihue and Kapaa where there are both loads of options for places to eat (we did not eat more than snacks on property – all were okay but the menu looked very meat heavy and expensive). Small in room refrigerators make it easy to keep some basic breakfast/lunch/snacks on hand and with Safeway and Papaya’s Natural Foods in the same Kapaa shopping center it is easy to get what you need.

The few minor downsides of the resort are easily overlooked when compared to all the upsides: the per person allotment of towels is a little annoying, and the fake flowers in the hotel itself made me a little sad given that we are on the Garden Island. There are also very limited on property dining options, but again being so close to Kapaa and Lihue means lots of good eats just a few minutes away (dining review coming soon).

I don’t know what the rack rate for the hotel is – that may certainly sway my opinion – but as far as Hotwire purchases go at $80 a night, this was absolutely a winner!

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