I have said it before but it bears repeating, and what with a holiday dedicated to giving thanks just having passed we might as well revisit the topic: gratitude is simple, and should be simply done. I think a lot of people get caught up on the idea that gratitude has to be for something big and so it is not a regular practice in their lives. But gratitude is really about noticing what you are experiencing in your life right in this minute that is good, and just acknowledging that with appreciation. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and I am sure many people took some time to share something they were grateful for on that day. Gratitude can and should be something for everyday so I am going to share a list of things I am giving thanks for right now.

My list is in alphabetical order because that is a great way to start a practice of gratitude – try it once a week, just go through the alphabet in your head, or write it down – it’s amazing how fabulous life gets when you acknowledge how fabulous life is!

A: Apricot Tart, my blocky-headed fur baby.

B: Benjamin, my wonderful sweet love son who teaches me so much about patience.

C: Coconut Cream, the dog that made me love dogs, practically perfect in ever way, except the barking.

D: Dinner, that fact that this is a meal I can take for granted – but I don’t because I know that it is special to eat, always.

E: Eva, the first child, the girl, my baby angel, and now the lovely woman who is my friend.

F: Felines, specifically the cats with whom I share my house, the teach me so much about so many aspects of life, including the value of finding a cozy spot and relaxing with someone you love.

G: Gouda – pronounced with an ‘h’ sound which makes me think of wonderful friends. So I get a double on this, people I care about and yummy cheese.

H: Harmons, specifically my husband who brought me into the fold, and for who he is in so many ways.

I: Ice cream.

J: Jewelry that tells a story.

K: Kittens because who doesn’t feel grateful that there is such a thing as a kitten in the world.

L: Love, the experience of feeling this for others and letting yourself experience love from someone else.

M: Mothering, not always easy but I am so grateful that this is something I have had a chance to do.

N: Nasturtiums. Easy, pretty, they keep coming back and also you can eat them.

O: Options. It is nice to remember that we almost always have a choice.

P: Purses. I really just love them so much.

Q: Quiet.

R: Reading.

S: Silence, knowing when it is time for me to keep my mouth shut.

T: Trees, because they are mostly all beautiful and because we wouldn’t be here without them.

U: Underwear. I really appreciate that we have this bonus luxury as standard fare.

V: Voice, the ability to speak.

W: Walking.

X: Xylophones, and music in general.

Y: Yogurt, good for you and pretty yummy most of the time.

Z: Zoos, but to clarify, the good ones like Oakland Zoo in particular which has created such lovely habitats most of the time you never see the animal.

Gratitude, as easy as A-B-C. Try it and see how much joy appreciating the little things can bring!


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