It’s Up in the Air

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do. Sometimes it’s not. Are you going on a date with that guy you kind of like? Not sure, it’s up in the air. Going to buy the new shoes that are a great deal but you don’t really need? Hard to say, up in the air. Where do you want to go for dinner? Still considering, it’s up in the air.

“Up in the air” means you don’t have a final decision or all of the information needed to move forward. You just don’t know where something is going to land so you don’t know what to do next. That’s okay, make a decision when the time is right for decision making. That’s really the only time you know exactly what to do next anyway. Things that are not up in the air, because there is no decision to be made: conducting oneself with decorum, being thoughtful, using good manners. Why do I mention this you may ask, well because I have noticed that when literally up in the air somehow these things become consideration points, and behaviors that we might not exhibit in other parts of our life seem like good options at the time. I am here to say they are not, good options that is, and that just because we are up in the air does not mean that we have to take leave of our mind and refuse to think about the next right step in our behavior.

Let’s do a for instance: say that you are running late because of traffic, you did not cause the traffic and neither can you do anything to change the traffic or the fact that it is making you late. Traffic just is. Your next right step is not really ‘up in the air,’ you know what to do. You call the person who perhaps you were on your way to meet and tell them that you are not going to make it. Perhaps you take a deep breath and wait for things to clear up. Maybe you work with technology or some other resource to find an alternate route. What you probably don’t do is start ramming your car into the people all around you in an attempt to create a new traffic lane that you can now drive down. Neither do you roll down your window and start shouting at the people around you that you are late and can they please pull to the side to let you pass. And yet, up in the air we somehow think it is perfectly acceptable to push people out of the way with our bags as battering rams. I can pretty much promise you, everyone on that plane who you are shoving to the side also has somewhere else they want to be. I have yet to meet someone on a plane who was there just because they loved flying. We all have somewhere we are going, and if the flight was delayed we are all late, all of us, not just you!

Let’s consider another scenario where I don’t really think we are ‘up in the air’ on figuring out how to behave. Everyone has to go the restroom, so when you go to the restroom does it ever really seem like a point of decision as to whether or not to urinate on the floor? Or what about leaving water backed-up in the sink? How about throwing your garbage on the ground rather than in the waste receptacle? Maybe I’m just really lucky in the people that I live with and the friends I keep because this never comes up as an issue when I am functioning near the earth.

I like to remind people that we are fundamentally who we are wherever we go and whatever we do. It is important to know yourself, to live with intention, to make affirmative choices about how you conduct your life so that you are the person actually leading your life. So ask yourself this question: who am I and who do I fundamentally want to be? Then be that. Wherever you are and whatever you do. Even when you are up in the air.

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