Trending in the Local Polls

Sometimes we get a call from a polling group wanting to know an opinion on this thing or that thing in politics. Sometimes you can guess who has paid for the poll based on the questions or what the issue is that might be turning up on the next ballot, I think it’s part of the civic responsibility to participate, you are after all giving an early opinion on the state of things in your community. My husband disagrees, he thinks it is a waste of time and refuses to take the call. I have said yes a few times so that means I am on the list of responders which means they call a lot. Right now things are quiet for polling in California, especially if you are registered as a democrat as I am. We don’t get to the primary until June and by then we basically know the end of the story, so no calls of late. Also the last couple of times I said no when they called, and there was the time I refused to answer the question about ethnicity so it may be that they are not going to call anymore at all. Oh well.

I am a big politico so these election years are exciting, if a little terrifying to watch and since I am not being polled and feeling like I get to give an early opinion on ‘the direction the country is headed’ I thought I would answer a few poll questions here just in case anyone wants to know what I think.

  1. It is not okay to block a supreme court nomination because you are hoping that your candidate might get elected and thus you get to sway the nomination. This is true whatever side of the aisle you sit on. We as a country elect people for four year terms and it is their job to serve us, the people, faithfully and in accordance with the constitution for the entire four years. The supreme court must not be a pawn in political  games. It is an equal branch of the government and should be treated with courtesy and respect.
  2. We are a country of immigrants. The sad truth, and not one we should be proud of is the fact that very few of us can trace our family back to the native peoples of this land. My people are from Europe, some from way back and some from just a few generations back. Not everyone meant to come here, not everyone came with hope, but we are all here together and we have a story that promises dignity, opportunity, a shared vision and we must find a way to look upon each other as something other than other and find the commonality that will let us treat each other with greater respect.
  3. Law enforcement has to stop shooting people who are unarmed. Or who have a knife, or scissors, or even who have a gun but are running in the other direction. If we have to shoot can we aim for a foot so that we don’t make irreparable the damage that we do. You can’t unkill someone and we have a justice system that though imperfect is pretty darn good. Can’t we re-learn how to wrestle someone into handcuffs, or talk them down, or something less extreme than eliminating them?

Right now, this minute these are the three biggest issues I see facing our country. The theme here is respect. I am trying it out myself in interactions I have that are frustrating. It’s not as entertaining as some of what we see, but it feels better than being angry, or mean, or hateful. To be “politic” after all is “to be sensible under the circumstances.” Let’s all give it a go!

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