Time Flies, Maybe

I live in the Bay Area, on the west coast of the United States. We are the epicenter of new tech. The gig-economy such as it is experienced through our phones was born in my back yard. Not literally, if literally I would be wealthy and possibly not living in the Bay Area anymore. Then again I love it here. So many of the things in the world that I take for granted are still new-fangled ideas in other parts of the country and there is something swirling around in my head about that difference in how we in different parts of the country experience the world.

We have a new president, and I prefer not to say his name less he receive some sort of psychic approval from doing so. He may ending up being tolerable, he may end up being terrible, time will tell and since we experience time one moment at a time I can say in this moment we are still breathing clean air – may it continue to be so. I am still smarting from the results of the election and the disappointment of losing what I thought was a phenomenal female leader. I am also lost when trying to understand how a woman could vote for this man when he said the things he did about women. Have you no dignity ladies, no self-worth? You are better than that, you deserve to be thought of as more than a piece of meat! But I digress.

I started thinking about this while in the office where I do a large chunk of my work, on the other side of the country from where I live, when I was chatting happily about how great Munchery is and my colleagues looked at me quizzically. Munchery, if you don’t know it is awesome. It’s like an online gourmet food court that comes to your door. I travel a lot for work and sometimes if both my spouse and I are traveling I use Munchery to provide food for my child. He is closer to man than boy at this point, he drives and can cook but I like the feeling of providing for him and this is one of those ways I can. Yes he can use his own GrubHub or Eatz or whatever else he has, and he does, but it’s still okay when mom arranges a Munchery and he doesn’t have to deal with it. And my God the convenience of that! It’s better than take-out from most places, not as good as home cooked but right in that zone. Last night my son had grilled steak with au gratin potatoes and an arugula salad. For under $20, delivered to my home, placed on the porch, with tip. The world is amazing!

And I thought about all of the things that I take for granted now: the food delivery services, the car ride services (I’m a Lyft person), TaskRabbit (fabulous), and on and on. Never mind the miracle of same day delivery from a bazillion places, and the variety of personal shopping services I can engage. I can be sitting here writing away (or working more often) and have the whole world delivered. But here’s the thing – some of us live in places where the world changes with a new app download, all of a sudden things I had to spend hours coordinating or arranging or planning are done for me – and some of us live in places where that is not the case, and time moves a little slower perhaps.

So I was wondering about that correlation. Maybe it’s a little easier to see the world changing when you are used to the world changing. I don’t understand why you would care about who marries whom, if people love each other what difference does it make to you. Right? But I am also totally comfortable having a lyft driver pick up my child, a stranger run my errands, and a random person from TaskRabbit bathe my dogs. In a lot of places in the country these apps, this economy, this world that we are used to in one place does not exist. It just hasn’t gotten there yet. But it will, it will. Time moves, change comes. Some of us jump from the cliff, some of us climb down. Eventually we get to the beach below.

I don’t think we are as polarized as the media says we are. I think a lot of places don’t understand the world I live in, and I forgot what the world was like where they are. We are one country, we just need to be a little gentler with each other. We need to talk a little more, share a little more, listen a little more. The change will come, the tide is always turning.

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