Maggie Harmon, author of 'til now

Maggie Harmon, author of ’til now

Maggie Harmon is a writer, speaker, leadership coach and business consultant who approaches every engagement through a holistic understanding of the situation. We are complex beings operating in complex environments and as such should not limit ourselves or our potential based on predefined stories about who we are or what we are capable of accomplishing.

Her consulting practice focuses on deeply understanding who or what you are and what you want to achieve, and from there helping to create a plan, develop tools, and access resources that let you get where it is you want to go, and do what you do, better!

Maggie writes about the things that she finds interesting, challenging, upsetting and funny, and she strives to communicate the common experience allowing us to recognize our similarities and access greater strength through our collective understanding of the world.

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  1. hello maggie. I don’t see any way to communicate with you privately (?) but wanted to say we love your work, and wanted to interview/profile you. Please let me know if you are interested and have time for an email interview.

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